List of delhi-based organic food suppliers | fruit, veggies, grain and more

Hola! I met delhi-based raw foodist Anjali Sanghi who was real helpful and gave me a list of organic food suppliers. I figured it would be of use all around, so here we go: They all do home delivery. Each supplier has their own policy for the quantity they consider worth delivering. Adarsh ji – Gurgaon-based farmer | fruit & veggies | 9810165575 Ashish Gupta | grain, dry provision, etc | 9810348193 Ehsaas Organics | Mrs Rashmi (Owner) |... Read More

Mona Gandhi

  Mona lives in Bombay & goes where her work takes her. Her inquiry into food –natural & industrial– deepens her engagement with local & sustainable food systems. Through the world of raw, plant-based foods, she explores connections between people & the planet. She participates in community experiments across geography & culture. Her lived experience is a synthesis of practices such as community greening, non-violent... Read More